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the team

our mission is to bring the community together through meditation, mindfulness and art. thoughtful teachers guide group meditation, recovery & trauma-informed classes, teacher training, mindful leadership programs and workshops.


the studio welcomes the community, students, leaders and teachers into the inspired space featuring work from a new Toronto artist each month.

Talib Hussain

meditation, reiki, mindful leadership

Talib's vision is to continue his deep dive into the world of self discovery and to guide others towards a deeper understanding of mind and the energetic body where he believes the true magic happens. As a successful entrepreneur and positive p​sychology graduate Talib inspires new thinking around what is possible.

Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Positive Psychology graduate.

Kiko Sounds


Kiko Sounds is an artist and teacher specializing in sound, meditation, restorative practices and relational aesthetics. As co-founder of Toronto's contemporary design shop and gallery, Magic Pony + Narwhal Projects, she spent over a decade collaborating with artists from around the globe, curating exhibitions, publications, and interactive environments. She now combines her background in contemporary culture with holistic methodologies to offer ephemeral, immersive vibrational experiences intended to guide those present towards a unified state of wholeness.

Patrick Skals


Patrick Skals is a multi media artist, an active artists network board member, he also brings over a decade of experience in advertising, marketing & design and has a strong voice in advocating mental health.

Heather Cameron


Heather has 15+ years in creative arts & business building high performance teams and inclusive culture, she is a certified executive coach, a mentor and advocate within mental health and addiction recovery programs, proud LGBTQ+ and a mom of two.

Jean Francois Alleno

meditation & movement

I am Jean-Francois and I am passionate about helping others breathe through life in a more compassionate way. being on the journey of a more yogic life and knowing all the possibilities meditation and yoga have to offer, I could not keep it just for myself and I have to share, this is why I teach.

with a background in nursing; after working for more than 15 years first in cardiac surgery ICU and then transitioning to a management role in educating nurses and doctors on new technology, I truly love working with people.

let's move, let's breathe, let's be connected....let's be human.

love, always.

Marie Bodine

breathwork & Wim Hof Training

From Spartan and Tough Mudder racing, to creating panel discussions that fuse unlikely topics such as tattooing and mental health, Marie Bodine is driven to explore the uncommon. Through practicing and teaching the Wim Hof Method principles, Marie influences others to heighten their creativity, elevate productivity, increase revenue, be happy, and worry less in the process. Marie currently teaches Power Breath and meditation classes in Toronto Canada, and travels throughout North America and beyond with her public speaking events and her Wim Hof Method workshops. Marie equips people with lifelong skills that reduce stress, and deepen inner peace. Then she adds a  heavy dose of physical and mental resilience. Come as you are, leave stronger.

Alison Stark


Ali Stark is a certified Qigong instructor of Chow Medical Qigong, Organ Cleansing Qigong (Zhang Fu Gong) and is a Level 1 & 2 Instructor of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong through Dr. Effie Chow and Daisy Lee.  She has been studying Qigong since 2001 and teaching in Toronto and Montreal since 2009.


Inspired and encouraged by re-discovering self healing abilities of the body and mind through Qigong, Ali has been managing her own chronic pain of over 12 years, an autoimmune disease and Neurological disorder, becoming deeply passionate about how energy and mindfulness practices can transform one’s life and how can we successfully integrate these tools into daily life with our loved ones and entire community in order to continuously heal in all aspects of being.

Bonnie Lau


Human x Empath.

Bonnie is a yin yoga teacher & guide. After starting this journey as a Hatha practitioner and teacher, she slowly started to gravitate towards the Yin Practice.  Subsequent to completing her Yin training with Bernie Clark & Diana Batts, she fell in love with this practice even more and now shares her love for Yin whenever she can.


Her guidance is based on: connecting to the intelligence that naturally exists within each human being & building different connection pathways and roads to this intelligence.

Brandon Wong


Brandon has been meditating ever since he was a kid getting bullied on the school playground. He discovered he was a deeply intuitive and energetically sensitive child, so his parents introduced him to many mindfulness and Buddhist practices. Since then, Brandon has become a Meditation instructor, a Breathwork Facilitator, a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, has spent time in India and Thailand participating in multiple10-Day silent meditation retreats, and is currently studying Shamanic healing modalities somewhere deep in the forest. He just wants everyone to all get along like we used to in middle school.


prenatal yoga team

Carmen was initially introduced to yoga in 2010. She is a 200-hour yoga alliance certified instructor and has completed an 85 hours prenatal teaching training through the MamaNurture program. Carmen believes that there is always something to learn from one another whether it is sitting still as a student or as a teacher. She aims to share her passion and creativity when it comes to sound body movements. Her multidisciplinary approach towards yoga brings calmness and warmth to the room.


Bar was first introduced to yoga while traveling in New Zealand. She quickly fell in love with the practice, and what started for her as a physical practice slowly became much more, as she embraced other parts of yoga into her life. Bar is a 200-hour yoga alliance certified instructor and has completed an 85 hours prenatal teaching training through the MamaNurture program. Today, alongside the physical aspect of yoga, she greatly values the power of breathing, meditation and mindfulness. She believes sometimes our biggest challenge is simply showing up on our mats and do whatever we are capable of today with no judgment. 

Owen Ware


Owen Ware is a Toronto based yoga and meditation teacher with a passion for community building and personal development. He draws upon a range of mindfulness techniques in his classes to help deepen feelings of relaxation, tranquility, and well-being, with a focus on empowering others to reach a deeper sense of connection with themselves and the world. With a PhD in Philosophy, Owen also loves to explore the ancient teachings of western and eastern wisdom traditions and their application to our modern lifestyle.

Sofia Forman

restorative & yoga Nidra

Sofia is a holistic counselor, yoga instructor, Zen Buddhist practitioner and artist.

Sofia is a dedicated practitioner of contemplative healing arts. Her work explores the ways in which one can dissolve the barriers of the Ego mind and embody the deeper wisdom of Eastern heart traditions, such as Zen Buddhism and yoga.


Through her sadhana and offerings, she shares ways in which Ancient traditions remember one’s true nature, as spirit.

Mercedes Leggett

restorative +thai massage

Mercedes is a full time Thai massage practitioner who has a passion for restorative yoga. she has lived a high-intensity active life as an athlete and was surprised to discover that going slow was the way. Restorative yoga has helped her deepen her meditation practice as well as her self practice. restorative yoga has helped her move through difficult lessons and relax into her breath and find her balance. she is excited to share both Thai Massage and restorative yoga together. she believes the combo is pure Nirvana.  She received both her 200 hour TT and her 50 hour restorative yoga TT at Octopus Garden.

Jay Andrews


Yoga teacher, Musician and Producer based in Toronto, Canada. Jay found Meditation and Yoga through his recovery from addiction and it’s root causes, after 20 years as a touring musician. What started as a therapeutic tool quickly turned in to a daily practice that has allowed me to live a better life, one day at a time. After a year of practicing Jay was introduced to Nada Yoga, and today he blends those two worlds, performing and combining rhythm, sound and music with Asana, breath and meditation practices.