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200 hour 

January - June 2020

the answers are within us, already. it is the seeking to understand, to relate to and to nurture that teacher within. this is a comprehensive and accessible teacher training program that is built for both students that would like to teach and those that would like to train to deepen their own practice. students are encouraged to remain open for debate, self-exploration and various practice styles to be able to confidently teach from within, impacting so many lives positively.

the program will be broken into six intensive modules that will explore various styles of meditation, mindful modalities, religious traditions and modern approaches through breath, sound, body + biology, creative expansion, philosophy and the art of teaching.

each student will leave the program prepared as a Canadian Yoga Alliance certified MT to teach mindful meditation from within based on their training and continued self-practice.

this is a huge commitment on every level, there is a questionnaire below to start to assess if this is the right time for each student to start on this incredible journey.

126 in-class hours

50+ hours of homework and exercises

24+ hours accumulated weekly group meditation practice

daily solo practice

$2,150 +hst

Talib Hussain, teacher

Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Positive Psychology graduate

guest teachers will join Talib with specialized expertise. thought leaders in sound, breath, Nidra and other practices will join us to share their experiences and work directly with students during their journey.

your journey starts now: application


1. why do you want to enroll in this program at this time and what are your expectations 

2. what are you looking to build with this training and deepening of practice (or what are you building right now)? 

3. explain your current personal meditation practice


1. freestyle: share something, anything, fun, cool, kooky, deep, out there, unusual or unsuspecting about yourself

2. from a mindset, vitality, focus and performance standpoint, what do you struggle with?

3. How can this community be most helpful to you?


tell us about what you have done - education, trainings and professional background 


fast forward to the future, you have graduated the meditation teacher training 200 hour program what is the outcome?  how have you changed? how has your life changed? how has this affected your path?