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mindful leadership

“Mindlessness is the application of yesterday’s business solutions to today’s problems. Mindfulness is attunement to today’s demands to avoid tomorrow’s difficulties.” Ellen Langer, Professor of Psychology Harvard University

executive mindspace

building strong teams

Executive mindspace programs are uniquely constructed to meet teams where they are today and ignite positive momentum in moving forward.


Coaching leaders & teams through transformation to become present, available and connected to their high-performance potential. Through executive coaching rooted in positive psychology (how we be) & working with the mind to cultivate self awareness (how we think), executives will find the clarity to be able to respond to experiences vs. react, practicing focused attention to create better work and harness the power of curiosity and openness to build powerful team relationships.

Creating bespoke leadership programs, corporate wellness planning and 1:1 coaching with new leaders and seasoned executives - our team is here to help you build yours.


showing up 

individual and team intention setting

This 2 hour workshop is designed to explore individual and collective values, intention setting and defining what presence will mean practiced in the every day environment. High performance teams continue to grow together and achieve more when the mission is realized, shared and embodied. 

life as practice

themed practice sessions

60min team practice sessions designed around a thematic (ex. connection, presence, creative expansion) that will energize teams and give them the tools they need to take the focus, resilience and compassion created through these mini practices into a more mindful experience of every day building skills to apply practice to life.  

custom programming

co-create to solve a business problem

Bringing the team together, coaching executives through change, empowering new leaders, development of culture curriculum, health & wellness centre programming and delivering on corporate commitments to mental health we are here to build with you and your most important asset, the people. 


core principles


The intention of each partnership is to prepare leaders to take the focus, resilience and compassion created together into a more mindful experience of every day. We deeply care about the performance objectives within each team and most importantly the individual mindset of each human within it.


Cultural/social shifts have opened up a dialogue about the importance of self care and mental health. It is our mission to make a positive and lasting impact through mindfulness programming that increases self awareness and promotes individual & collective growth.


We are here to learn and to teach each other. together we will build towards the outcomes that matter most to you, to the team and to the organization by creating bespoke programs that connect leaders to their high performance potential and specific business & engagement metrics.

benefits of mindful practices

individual & collective growth 

The reality of high performance environments is that the intense stressors can breakdown communication and reduce compassion within teams.


Meditation, mindfulness and holistic energy practices ground us, increase our focus, decrease stress, regulate our emotions and forge deeper connections with ourselves, with each other and to our leadership potential.

  • connection to ourselves and to each other

  • deepen concentration & focus

  • building resilience and emotional regulation

  • stress reduction & enhancement of immune system

  • key practice in managing through change, trauma and recovery

  • employer increased retention and engagement

  • high performing and connected teams

  • reduced sick time and stress leaves

  • results hit the bottom line


ready to build? so are we.

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