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this is a space for us to begin, to continue and to deepen connections with ourselves, with others and with the world around us.

meet you on the cushion.

weekly badass  power breath class

w/Marie Bodine

Thursday's 630p & 8p


learn how to blow off steam and dissolve stress with this active breath meditation class surrounded by art, candles and a powerful soundtrack that will sink you in fully, guided (& DJ'd) by certified expert Wim Hof Instructor Marie Bodine. experience your own personal breath trip designed to heighten creativity, sharpen your focus, and leave you feeling lighter. get high on your own supply.

yoga nidra + finding fulfillment


w/Taylor & Leah 

Tuesday March 3rd 6p-8p

practice & coaching


a workshop for those who are looking to take steps towards a happier and more content life. The goal of this workshop is for you to try something new, learn something about yourself, and walk away feeling inspired and informed on how to find a sense of fulfillment in daily life. 


a Yoga Nidra session led by Leah. Nidra Yoga is a guided meditation to deeply relax the body and mind, proven to reduce stress and tension, and promote a state of calm and healing. 


from here, we’ll dive into an interactive workshop with Taylor, to learn about what fulfillment means to you and how you can take intentional steps towards finding fulfillment in your life. 


you’ll leave this workshop with:

  • a sense of calm and well-being

  • what fulfillment means to you

  • clarity and insight on what brings joy 

  • renewed outlook on happiness 

  • tangible ideas on how to find fulfillment 

new moon ritual + reiki restorative

w/Kait & Timea

Tuesday March 24th 845p-10p 


new moon symbolizes starting points, when there is no moon in the sky and our energy is at it's lowest point. At this time we're invited to turn inward, get quiet, and uncover a deeper sense of our truth. setting intentions during the new moon can be powerful. 


this event takes place on the night of the March new moon, and will lead you on a journey of introspection and intention-setting.


Kait Fowlie and Timea Urban will guide you through a meditation, a writing exercise and 60 minute reiki restorative yoga class. it's our aim to leave you feeling grounded, connected to inner world, and supported by like-minded community.

toronto yoga school

w/Shawna Turner

+focus mindspace is the home of the Toronto Yoga School. founder Shawna Turner will welcome new students to this training that is for the change-makers. those who are ready to truly embrace a yogic lifestyle. One filled with more compassion, ease and grace. 

Email Shawna to talk about her classes and upcoming 2020 training sessions.

restorative +thai massage

w/Mercedes Leggett

Sunday March 15th 1p-2p 


rest and restore with bliss. each sequence will be designed with supportive props and provide thoughtful Thai Massage adjustments. as the weather gets colder heated herbal bundles will be used to help you let go and warm up. this is the power of connection through slow movements, deep adjustments, and therapeutic touch. 

full moon ritual + reiki restorative

w/Kait & Timea

Monday March 9th 815p-10p 


full moons symbolize completion or culmination points, when our energy and intuition are at their peak. they offer us an opportunity to see our path with more clarity, recognize and celebrate our progress, and reflect on our intentions. making time for your self during the full moon can be extra powerful.  


this event takes place on the night of the March full moon, and will invite you to release what's ready to be released and clear space for what you want.


Kait Fowlie and Timea Urban will lead you through a guided meditation, written intention-setting, and 90 minute reiki restorative yoga class. it's our intention to leave you feeling grounded, connected to inner world, and supported by like-minded community.

soulful saturday  



w/special guest Francesca Bonta

Saturday March 28th 7p-9p


explore the deepest recesses of yourself through Chakra awareness, yoga, soundscapes, essential oils and meditation. allow yourself this space away from your daily routine – a vital first step on the path to a healthy body, mind and spirit. We will delve into key processes, emotions and behaviors related to relationships, creativity, motivation, different kinds of love, communication, inner energy, and self-expression. this event is open to all levels of yoga experience and offered in a safe and sacred space. restore mindfulness & balance to your life and feel more grounded & connected.  

focus for recovery


every month we award one member within the recovery community ​in this time of rebuild and healing to support their practice.


fundamentals workshop 

w/Marie Bodine

Saturday February 29th 1p-5p

Saturday March 28th 1p-5p

inhale. exhale. transform. BOOK


join us for a 4-hour intensive workshop with certified WHM expert Instructor Marie Bodine to explore the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method: breathing techniques, cold exposure & commitment. learning how we can utilize oxygen and cold exposure to optimize body & mind. we arrive in this space to support each other, explore what is possible, reflect on our shared human experience and set an intention in moving forward. small class size to maximize instruction and sharing time. 


cold exposure:

reduces inflammation
resets the immune system
improves physical and mental performance
improves mood
decreases anxiety
improves cardiovascular system
improves sleep

RAW + BASIC retreat

w/Charlotte Singmin

Friday March 20th 6p-10p 

coming soon

after a beautiful valentines event focused on self love Charlotte is back to host another soul inspiring event.

breathwork immersions

w/Brandon Wong

next collaboration announcement

coming soon

get ready to elevate your state of consciousness and give yourself the opportunity to heal the mind and body. we will be entering a two-part somatic breath to balance the nervous system and enter a deeper expression of compassion, love and empathy. as a way to hold integrity to this work, we will open the space for a small number of people in this immersion.