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mindful leadership

“Mindlessness is the application of yesterday’s business solutions to today’s problems. Mindfulness is attunement to today’s demands to avoid tomorrow’s difficulties.” Ellen Langer, Professor of Psychology Harvard University

executive mindspace

find balance in neutral

We absorb the energy all around us. We feel the energy of the commute, that meeting that went sideways, the interaction where we felt miss-understood and continue to ruminate about long after. We feel the energy when we solve a problem, hear someone fully and when we feel like we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.

The pendulum swings all day long and so does our energy along with it. Staying consistent with how we are absorbing and sending energy helps to diffuse the tough stuff and not get wrapped up in the ego stuff.


Developing a practice to get back to neutral, the most open and clear state can help to hold things in balance.

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5 senses meditation

get curious. explore the energy and work WITH it.

breathe. what do I see in this room around me.

breathe. what do I feel on my body.

breathe. what do I feel in my body. 

breathe. what do I hear with my left ear.

breathe. what do I hear with my right ear.

breathe. what do I hear with both of my ears.

breathe. what do I smell right now.

breathe. what do I taste right now.




breathe I am here.